A round up of the best April Fools 2014

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Well it has certainly been an eventful day at WE CAN CREATIVE HQ. We have seen everything from the seemingly possible to the outrageously bizarre, and that’s just in the office. However here’s a rundown of our favourite April Fools that have happened elsewhere.

VIRGIN AMERICA – Total Temperature Control


Virgin and Nest have teamed up to offer a personal on-board temperature control system. Don’t know about you, but we actuary think this is a good idea.


NATIONAL TRUST – Changing The ClocksNational Trust

Think having to change your clocks twice a year is a pain? Give a second thought to the good people at National Trust who have to move the famous standing stones at Avebury so there’s no confusion when the clocks go forward.


PEUGEOT UK – Personalised Car Horn


Today, most things on a car can be personalised, from the colour right down to the tyres. But don’t you just wish you could swap your loud boring car horn for something a little more upbeat? Well now Peugeot is giving the chance to choose your horn for the ultimate customisable car.


FREEDOM FOOD – Square Eggs


A new breed of chickens has started mysteriously laying square eggs. Although it’s not clear what makes these chickens special, egg lovers everywhere are calling it a miracle.





Wow Google have been busy this April Fools! These are a pick of some of our favourite Google pranks this year. A robotic arm to help you be more lazy, a map showing you where to catch Pokémon and David Hasselhoff just being David Hasselhoff.

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