We are We Can.

With years of experience between us of working in big agencies on major clients, Denise and Graham founded We Can in 2012  on the truth that with a  small team of talented and relentlessly inquisitive people, and a “We Can” attitude, we could deliver big agency level work, with the agility and personal experience of a small agency. For our clients that means every project gets big thinking, big projects and big results; with all the benefits of a small team.




Design thinking

We’re a team of creatives: designers, strategists, coders, photographers, illustrators, copywriters and art directors – but we all wear more than one hat (sometimes literally) and we’re proud to bring a design approach to everything we do – from creating a visual identity to business strategy.  It is design thinking which enables us to bring clarity, consistency, purpose and direction to your business.




We listen > We think > We do.

We Listen

And it is always, ALWAYS in that order.  We ALWAYS start by listening. We listen to what you tell us about what you need, and then we ask you questions. We ask a lot of questions, because we’re naturally curious people and it’s often during that investigative bit that we uncover some really interesting insight, which will help us create something that really works for you. We want to understand what it is you want to achieve, so we can help you achieve that.

We Think

The thinking bit is the part where we sift through all of our notes from our conversations with you, analyse it, pick out the key themes, do some research to give us a bit more context, and pull it all together into some solid ideas.

We Do

And then we do.  Once we have listened, understood and scrutinised the issue, we have a deep understanding of where you want to achieve, we can help you navigate new waters, ideas that illuminate the best way forward. Working this way means we deliver Meaningful Creative – that is creative based on truths and insight. Creative that will connect with your audience.