Fantasy general election messages give local people a voice

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We’re really pleased to have been part of the project #BedfordVoices, which has given six small community groups the chance to have their voices heard ahead of this year’s general election.

The project, spearheaded by Bedford Creative Arts (BCA), has funded the creation and placing of ten full-size billboard ads across the town to give a voice to those who may not always be heard, and we think they’ve achieved exactly what they set out to do.

Royal College of Art graduates, Dash MacDonald and Demetrios Kargotis (Dash’N’Dem), researched political posters and satirical cartoons to help eight groups develop their ideal messages for their posters, while advertising agency McGarryBowen provided expertise on writing slogans for the cartoons that were drawn by political illustrator Patrick Blower.


WE CAN CREATIVE  worked closely with Dash’N’Dem and Patrick before they worked on the final artwork to ensure accurate, and easily reproducible artwork would be supplied. This involved advice on size, colour simplicity, fonts, and technical details such as safe areas, to ensure the vital messages were not cut off in the unique way billboard sheets are mounted and trimmed. WE CAN CREATIVE’s experience in this area was key to ensuring the success of everybody’s hard work and the artists’ creative prowess. Not to mention the community group’s key messages.

Once the billboards were in place we also photographed the artwork in situ and retouched the images to help them stand out against their background so BCA could use them to gain much needed media coverage. We’re really pleased to see that this has helped the project gain significant interest, being covered by local newspapers, the BBC and The Huffington Post.

We strongly believe that agencies such as WE CAN CREATIVE must support local community groups, art projects and charity efforts in their local areas. Our town is our business home, and we want to see it thrive, especially with artistic projects. Often unheard communities and charities don’t have the know-how or budgets to reach the people they need to, so need to be supported by agencies like us in getting their message across as effectively as possible.

We support the BCA and provide art projects to the local cultural magazine The Bedford Clanger for the same reason. We’re passionate about our town and helping others communicate, be it big brands or community groups and charities.

If you’re a community organisation in Bedford and think WE CAN CREATIVE could give you the boost you need. Get in touch.

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