Google says “go mobile or go home”

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Google has issued a warning to businesses, who still refuse to believe that they need a mobile website, by saying they’ll now start decreasing their rankings in their searches.

This news won’t come as a surprise to many, the mobile revolution has been a hot topic now for the past couple of years, and this news from Google could mark the last battle between those businesses who want to adapt and move with the times, and those who seem to be happy to fall into online obscurity.

While Google’s reasoning for their updates is to clear up and improve the quality of their search results, they also serve as a useful milestone in how social trends are affecting how people access data online. Google has been highlighting if a site is mobile friendly or not for some time, responding to the massive increase in traffic from mobile devices.

This new update will serve as a further opportunity to ensure only the most forward thinking and up-to-date websites will be presented to Google users

This update isn’t just to annoy those who’ve been slow to catch up, however, they’re also useful in clearing up the internet as a whole. Many defunct websites will no longer feature in search results and essentially be lost in the ether. Previous updates by Google have sought to penalise websites that don’t carry an SSL Certificate (a digital padlock for the website) and also ones which have old or plagiarised content, which both protects the user’s data and the integrity of the information they seek.

Here at WE CAN CREATIVE we seek to begin with the optimal user’s habits in mind. That now includes how a user engages with your website on a mobile device first and foremost. After all, if it works brilliantly on a phone, it’s much easier to make it then look good on a big screen. Make sure your agency takes this approach seriously.

The update won’t come into effect until 21 April 2015 so you have time to get your site mobile optimised. Of course if you need someone to help you out, WE CAN do that. Check out our work or give us a call 07790 829 050

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