How WE CAN tackle a creative brief

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We all love a shiny new brief but, before we jump on our computers, we apply a process to ensure that we give our clients the very best service. As you can see, there is a lot more to it than just diving into the design stage, and we spend time and care on each step of the process. So much of what we do relies on a clear understanding of our client, their clients, and just what it is that they want. And sometimes what the client wants isn’t quite what they have articulated, which is why taking the time to truly understand them means we can deliver their project with confidence.



No two businesses are the same, and so we make sure we start by listening carefully to what you are trying to achieve and which direction you want to move in.
We want to hear the whole story from your perspective.



We examine the challenge from all angles. We look further into the wider context: clarifying who your end users actually are, what the problem looks like from their point of view. We investigate the emotional triggers which influence your customers’ decisions.



Our investigations help us really understand you as a business: that’s why we’re rigorous with them. It means we can properly emphasise with your target customer group, and make sure that their experience is a brilliant one.



We’re obsessively curious about how things work and what drives people , and this is where we indulge that and really get under the skin of the big questions about what drives your customers’ decisions. And then we come up with our Big Idea.



This is where we get to roll up our sleeves and do what we do best: create. And then we refine, and listen; we keep referring back to the Big Idea and all the listening we’ve done. We keep on creating until we are happy that we are leaving you with the ability to connect better with your audience.

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