Jaffa Cake, or should that be biscuit?

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Debate and setting out your case is a key part of the creative process. You need at least two sides to debate every decision to make sure the outcome is valid, and suitable for the audience. This is why we discuss all our design decisions (sometimes heatedly) before we put them forward to our clients. Ensuring it’s a fully tested idea.

So it’s with amusement (and jealousy) that we were made aware of the famous case argued over Jaffa Cakes. Is it a cake? Or a biscuit?

Well Customs & Excise also pondered this fact, but had a rather more valid reason to debate it than pub gossip. Biscuits are a Standard Rated VAT product. Cakes are Zero rated. So both United Biscuits and HMRC had a keen interest in the true answer…

The official ruling report is available online here, and makes for some VERY amusing reading. Thanks to legal PR advisor Paul Hutchinson, of Black Letter PR for the report.

So before you read the report… what do you think? Cake? Or Biscuit?


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