“Most people shop online on a big screen”

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deborah meaden makes a mistake by claiming that people shop on big screens rather than on a mobile smart phone in 2014

“Most people shop online on a big screen”. Or so claimed Deborah Meaden yesterday (Sunday 15th February 2014). A claim which dumbfounded most online marketers, retail experts and digital agencies. It was a claim so wildly out of touch I was aghast. If you’d like to watch – here’s the link (jump to 48:44)

If you don’t want to read ahead, here’s a pretty convincing one from online shopping giants Shopify.

Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic.

You’d have to have lived in a cave to have not noticed the surge in smartphone use, especially in ecommerce where the rate of growth is the most impressive of all.

  • In the past four years, the mobile ecommerce market grew 19-fold. This represents a staggering 1875 percent growth.
  • In the UK almost two-thirds of the population bought something online in the past month.
  • Even two years ago in June 2013, 91 percent of tablet users and 90 percent of smartphones users accessed a mobile ecommerce web property. That’s compared with the 78 percent of desktop web users who accessed ecommerce sites. And the growth since then is huge.

Deborah may have been correct if she was referring to purchase completion, however she didn’t explain her reasoning for such a sweeping statement. Regardless of her reasoning as people progress through the purchase funnel they need to be aware. There’s not a single reputable source out there not pointing to mobile as being a critical factor in consumers’ decision making, in the same way email is of sales promotion.

I have no hard opinion on whether she should have invested in @Mallzee – the shopping app that lets you “hold the high street in your hand and shop over 100 stores in one place”, but her dismissal reasoning was out of touch, and showed a worrying lack of insight.

mobile conversion rates by device in 2014

She may well be a dragon, but her affirmation of online shopping was that of a pre-historic one.

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