New ‘Only M&S” campaign targets excitable Middle Class

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Simply stunning. New campaign for Marks and Spencer by RKCR/Y&R ‘food in adventures’ brings back a sense excitement & innovation to the brand.

Appealing firmly at foodies and people who seek new exciting food, the brand is aiming squarely at its core growth market of the pre-middle-age middle-class.

For the first time, the campaign concept will run across food & drink simultaneously. The clothing campaign will launch tomorrow, wed 3rd September too, with the value proposition of a ‘clothing fashion emporium’. Let’s see how that goes down – M&S have always struggled traditionally to appeal to both its ‘bread & butter’ audience, and a more exciting and fashion-conscious audience who shun the shop for its ‘cotton socks’ image when it comes to fashion.

Whatever the bran’s fashion faux pas in the past, the food has always been quintessential with quality. With this latest incarnation, that doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

(Why do so many lovely lines on this article apparently alliterate??)

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