Photographing food at home

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WE CAN CREATIVE was founded in a boutique cafe. The first anniversary of our business was spent in a Mexican bar & grill. Lunch time is often a key factor in our diary scheduling. But the problem with being obsessed with food, and photography, is that in our home lives, dinner is often served lukewarm (at best). So much so that last night one of our Directors, Graham,  spent time and effort cooking only to then spend  even more time and effort photographing it. At least his wife is an understanding (we think) photographer too…

food photography of some fresh, home made, French-style egg-mayonnaise. In a Mason Cash enamel style pot

food photography of some cauliflower cheese made with nutmeg, parmesan, and sharp chedder. In a Mason Cash enamel style dish.

food photography of some fresh potatoes, covered in fresh rapeseed egg mayonnaise, topped with finely sliced spring onions.


And the week before, breakfast was a slow affair, making a fresh banana and mango smoothie, and using some modified reflectors, recreating that ‘in the garden’ look, all from a dining room table…

food photography of a fresh mango and banana smoothie, on a blue check tea-towel, on a wooden table in a garden

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