Values + Behaviours to transform culture at Buzz.

We won the pitch to work with Buzz Bingo to develop their internal company values and establish their company purpose – a big strategic project which was part of a focus on transforming the culture in the business.

We were excited to work with them on this, given our long term relationship with their Recruitment team.

The listening stage of the project was crucial to the success of the values: we wanted to make sure that the values we developed resonated with Colleagues right across the business, but also reflected the ambition the leadership team have for the business.

We set out on a series of workshops across the country to talk to focus groups of Colleagues from all levels of the business about what working at Buzz meant to them, and what they thought the business stood for. We conducted one-to-one interviews with the senior leadership team at Buzz to understand the company purpose from a strategic point of view, and we also wrote and distributed an online questionnaire  so that every single person in the business had a chance to have their voice heard. Once we had gathered and analysed all of our data, we established key themes and developed a set of values and behaviours which we then were able to take back to the focus groups and discuss with them to make sure what we had produced rang true with them. The feedback from the focus groups and senior leadership was incredibly positive, and the values were adopted under our people brand ‘Remarkable People belong at Buzz’ throughout the business.

We also designed the creative for the values;  a set of hand-drawn illustrations which easily communicated the Values and could be used on a variety of assets, in documents and as internal wall art across the national network of Buzz clubs.

“You’ve absolutely nailed it. These values sound very much like us, and where we want to take the business. They make me feel proud to work here.”

Chris Matthews, CEO Buzz Bingo