A loved local restaurant refreshed and refined

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Sometimes rebranding is not about designing a completely new identity for a company, but just refining what is already there.

Spaghetti Johns is a well loved Italian restaurant and truly awesome gelateria in Bedford, that has been serving great italian food for three years. After they approached us to rebrand them, we didn’t feel it right to completely overhaul what they had done already. After all they had built a successful business and name for themselves with the brand they had, why start again?

Starting again isn’t always whats required, despite what  many agencies say. Equity built within an existing brand should be tweaked and refined to bring it up to date, not throwing the brand out with the bathwater! All it needed was some refinement and adjusting to perfect the already popular logo. These slight changes are hardly recognisable by themselves but come together to create a more balanced, considered logo, and a much more grown up and refined look and feel. Refreshed and refined but is still recognisable and trusted.

Along side the new logo we injected some relaxed personality to the tone of voice, and consolidated the colours to create one consistent palette in sympathy with the distinctive interior, and keep the clean fresh feel of the restaurant.

With their unique position of creating every single sauce, piece of pasta and ice cream from scratch each day, our new menu’s are under way containing bespoke illustrations of fresh Italian cuisine, gelato and ingredients.

Greater plans are afoot to help communicate this brilliantly fresh, passionate and exciting restaurant to an even wider audience. And give it the brand it truly deserves.

The newly refined logo and polished identity will sit neatly alongside their forthcoming plans that is sure to excite the people of Bedford. Watch this space!

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