Social media need not be a burden on your time

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One of the biggest concerns we hear from people about social media is that they just don’t have the time, and it’s difficult to argue with busy business professionals when the focus is on growing their business.

However, the thing is, taking time out of your day to use social media should be part of your day-to-day business activities. Just like making a phone call to a client, or perhaps checking in with a supplier, or even meeting with a colleague to discuss ideas, reaching out to your external networks puts you right where your customers need you to be, and helps put you one-step ahead of your competitors.

As with anything, planning your day, and factoring in social media time, will allow you to make the most of your online presence without it taking you away from other work. So what can you fill that time with? Here are few ‘daily tasks’ to keep your social media presences strong, without it taking you away from elsewhere:

  • “Hi there”: If you’ve picked up new followers recently, make sure they know you’re grateful for the connection. It takes a few seconds to show your appreciation but will mean a lot to the recipient and show you are approachable.
  • Promote your blog: You may have already posted a link to your blog when it was published but posting again, at a different time, maximises the number of people who’ll see what you’ve written, and spread your expertise further.
  • Grow your network: You can learn from peers on social media as much as they can learn from you so take a few minutes to find interesting people, or even connect with people you want to work with. It takes seconds to hit that ‘follow’ button.
  • Update your bio: Your personal bio or company details can easily creep out of date. Taking a few seconds to review and update your Twitter bio or tweak your LinkedIn profile, keeps connections and future customers fully informed.
  • Stay up-to-date: One of the main personal benefits of social media is how it can help you stay on top of sector developments. A quick browse to see what your connections are sharing keeps you on the ball.
  • Spread the love: If a connection posts something that resonates with you, and you think others will also be interested, pass it on. That connection will be grateful and it’ll draw attention to your work too.

Collectively all these things can take a bit of time, but treating them as individual tasks and doing them at varying points over the week, breaks up the management of social media into bite-size pieces that give you maximum impact for minimum effort.

Setting a calendar reminder can help you build up the habit of incorporating these tasks into your day and also helps you stick to the time limit you’ve set yourself. However, once you get into the flow of social media, you’ll start reaping the rewards in no time.

Go on, dive in.

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