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We work with some large brands, and international clientele on a weekly basis. But we’re equally equipped, passionate and motivated when it comes to local business. After all, nearly every big brand began as somebody’s local business…
  • Virgin Record Store by music-loving teenager Richard Branson above a shoe shop at Tottenham Court Road with little money (yes he had wealthy parents but did it the hard way without support).
  • Waitrose began as a local grocery shop in Acton Hill, West London set up in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor (who left after two years… oops.)
  • Innocent Drinks  was started by Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright as a food stall at a music festival in London. They now command 75% of the smoothie market. People were asked to put their empty bottles in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ bin depending on whether they thought the three should quit their jobs to make smoothies. At the end of the festival the ‘YES’ bin was full, with only three cups in the ‘NO’ bin, so they went to their work the next day and resigned. The brand was a pioneer in conversational branding.
  • Toni & Guy salons began life with Toni Mascolo and brother Guy co-founding the first TONI&GUY salon in 1963 in Clapham. Now the largest independent salon chain worldwide in less than one lifetime.

What matters to us at WE CAN CREATIVE is working with somebody who’s passionate about their business. Be it local, national, or global. We love to work with people who have a spark for what they do, and have a tactical optimism about the future of the business.

This is the reason we work with The Bedford Clanger – a local magazine focused on art, culture and local businesses. We offer photography support for their articles on great local businesses.

This month saw us heading over to the very cool new Bluebird Hair Boutique in Bedford to capture the quirky, relaxed approach to hair style. We also visited Thali & Tandoor – one of the single most exciting eateries in Bedford Britain.

We do this work for the Clanger as we feel that helping to support local businesses in this way is vital. After all, it’s our town too, and we want great businesses to succeed.

Bluebird Hair Boutique
A menu and cup of tea at Bluebird Hair Boutique in Bedford by GrahamPhotographer for The Bedford Clanger
Thali & Tandoor
The Grand Thali for two curry selection at Bedford's Thali & Tandoor authentic Indian restaurant

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