We Can Creative announce no more invoices in bold move by Bedford creative agency…

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April Fools Joke

All of us are in a competitive market, and it’s hard to stay ahead, and in a recent report by our consultant new business director, Prof Alid Loyas, price was shown to be a major factor in clouding decisions when judging standards of creative work.

Plenty of agencies have lost out on pitch wins, despite having extremely high standards of creative work such as our own work at We Can Creative.

Reacting to this, WE CAN CREATIVE will, from this morning, work for free.

In all honesty, we’re confident that this move will offer one less thing for brands and decision makers to worry about when considering us as their new agency.

Lots of brands have to weigh up agency decision making on several factors, and score them as a result, so this move by us is one less factor to consider.

Forward this blog post on to your brand manager, and let’s get around the table to discuss how WE CAN work together on developing a strong, engaging campaign for your next launch, or marketing drive.

On this day last year, we tried the same thing, but being a new agency, people became suspicious. Now after establishing ourselves by winning countless accounts, and growing our business base by over three-fold, we now feel the time is right to put such a radical plan into action.

Our business advisors and top team are confident that clients will come flooding in once the news get around, and leaving the door open to consider our acclaimed creative output, despite the fact that our costs have remained so competitive over our time.

Love strong creative ideas without a high cost? We Can help…

So contact Prof Alid Loyas today on 07790829050 to find out more about this announcement.



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