WE CAN CREATIVE secure branding project that is literally out of this world

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WE CAN CREATIVE has secured a branding project that is literally out of this world after being appointed the lead creative agency for the planet Mars.

With a number of commercial and international manned Mars missions planned in the next ten years, WE CAN CREATIVE have been given a unique contract to develop planet-wide branding for Mars, ensuring consistency across corporate and colonists’ personal social media accounts, the first Mars based website (with the new suffix Mars Wide Web or MWW), a welcome pack and brochure for the first settlers, and billboard advertising at Earth based locations.

Graham Watson, Co-Founder at We Can Creative, is excited about the pioneering work:

“We are very excited. Brand awareness of Mars is key to making the planet a viable home in the future. No one wants to live on a planet that doesn’t have a brand promise or customer focussed marketing strategy. We’re also working on getting branding in place very soon, years ahead of any manned mission launch, to ensure maximum exposure and audience buy-in.”

We Can Creative will also be training the settlers on brand placement for any photos that they may take while on the planet: “Once the colonists take off, the brand is essentially in their hands” says Graham: “We need to be sure they have full understanding of the importance of the brand and that the logo and social media image guidelines are followed to the letter. Yeah, it’s not rocket science, and these will be rocket scientists, but with an average radio-delay time of 13 minutes and 48 seconds between Earth and Mars, a quick Google Hangout to rectify a slightly off-centre logo position won’t be that easy. By the time it’s fixed the damage to the brand could be catastrophic.”

When asked what initial ideas on branding the team at WE CAN CREATIVE have, Graham was keeping his cards close to his chest: “We’re going to try and step away from red. It’s a colour of anger and danger and is frankly a tired format for the Mars image. We want people to develop a desire to visit Mars in the future, even if it’s not going to be possible in their lifetime. We therefore need to change their subconscious perception of the planet from one of a barren, oxygen starved wasteland, to one of a potential future home. We’re thinking something in yellow, but we’re not decided yet.”

Rumours that other agencies are now looking to develop a brand for Earth and the moon, to divide potential market share across the Solar System, have yet to be confirmed.

If you think your planet could do with a customer-focussed marketing strategy & cross-channel hyper-connected brand identity then WE CAN CREATIVE could give your world the appeal it needs. Get in touch about launching your brand.

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