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img_2234It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about Christmas; eggnog, mince pies, bad jumpers and Christmas parties. And we decided it was high-time we shared what we did LAST Christmas (I know, I know – it’s taken a while to write about it!)

We had a lot of fun last Christmas, Denise and Graham managed to keep it a secret, so we were instructed to meet at Spaghetti John’s, one of our favourite local restaurants and one of our lovely clients. After meeting there we were treated to a choice of delicious cocktails, and then our adventure was revealed (along with a cool gift for us each).

We were to spend the evening having a masterclass in making ravioli, which we then got to eat together afterwards. Gianni’s wonderful mum talked us through the process and we all got to work to hand make our pasta and using pasta making machines to roll it through to make it thin enough to fill. We then had the choice of spinach and ricotta or chilli crab fillings to create our raviolis. Mama Spaghetti John took observations on our creations, and gave us each a score for our making, style, consistency and quantity. Under her guidance we all created something to be proud of, especially our PR and copywriter Paul who won the coveted ‘Pasta King’ crown.

After our hard work we enjoyed some starters while the chefs cooked up our ravioli and made some delicious sauce to go with them, and a thoroughly amusing and crazy night followed!

If you are interested in a similar Christmas experience please contact Spaghetti John’s! Also check out their fab Christmas menu for a more traditional, delicious Christmas meal.


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